About Us | Taproot - Best Digital Marketing Agency in Indore
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About Us

What We Do

We guide the brands through every step of their digital journey, from research and concept to production and media success.

Who We Are

We’re digital monks, a team of creative digi-devouts with a singular goal in mind – to help achieve tranquillity and prosperity for your brand.

What We Offer

Our work begins with brand strategy and design, bringing your company to the consumers through online channels and good photo and video content.


Paresh Gehi

It’s in his nature to bring perseverance and foresightedness in the planning and execution of any task that comes his way. The idea is to transcend the usual expectations and break the usual mind-set pertaining to Branding and Marketing.

He commits himself to find innovative ways and solutions to help each client reach their next milestone.

Harsh Jain

A wanderer by nature, Harsh’s believes the more he travels, the more he grows. As a photography professional, he finds spaces and colours mesmerizing. With a never ending itch to produce good content, Harsh can make anything look its best on screen.

HARSH JAIN_taproot

Ayushi Jain

She has a refined and ardent taste in food. Lucky for us, we get to eat from her lunch box. Other than being a full time web developer she dabbles with cooking and experimenting on her family with all the crazy ideas she gets. Not to brag, but we think she was the one who developed the Pav Bhaji fondue.

Jay Mothréja

He loves conversations that begin with GoT. Our very own tech geek makes designing look so simple. Be it logos or custom characters, Jay has the skill to deliver creative content in line with the client’s brand guidelines.